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Huang Xiao Cha

Harvest: 01.04.2017
Origin: China / Sichuan / Ya'an / Mingshan / Hongyan
Height: 800 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Zhong Hua 302
75g / 25,00 CHF
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A very good yellow tea for daily drinking, made in the way of straight Mao Feng. Huang Xiao Cha signifies little yellow tea and refers to the better quality of the later harvest, Huang Da Cha (Great yellow tea) being the lesser quality. The leaves used for this Huangyxiaocha come from the same tea garden as the Meng Ding Huang Ya and is produced in the classical fashion of yellow teas, i.e. through traditional Menhuang - humid/sticky yellowing. It has been portioned in special paper made from bamboo (stacked) and kept in a warm and humid room for 12 hours. Then the tea has been laid out for 24 hours in a layer of 10cm height, at a temperature of 25°C. This process is difficult to control (the tea can suffocate and perish) and very demanding for the tea master. After this, the tea has been shortly roasted over charcoal at 120°C and then dried in the oven at 80°C.
A sweet smell, slightly nutty and delicately smoky. It reminds of juicy vegetables and at the same time of buttery sweet caramel.
Mao Feng
This tea is stored in a cool place at Länggass-Tee, in order to preserve its freshness.
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