Zhong Ye Zhong

A few local tea plant varieties have medium-sized leaves and are summarised as Zhong Ye Zhong, which means “Medium Leaf Varietal”, or in some places as Zhong Xiao Ye Zhong, “Medium-Small Leaf Varietal”. Local varietals are e.g. named Zhong Ye Qun Ti Zhong, in analogy to the “Small Leaf Varietals”.
  • Qi Zhong, literally meaning “strange, funny varietal”, is the local varietal in and around Wuyishan. It is above all used for black teas, but not least also for top qualities of Da Hong Pao.
  • Zi Cha Zhong Ye Zhong (“Purple Tea Medium Leaf Varietal”) is a special, wildly growing tea plant with purple leaves, it probably stems from Yunnan Da Ye Zhong.
  • Da Liu Ye Zhong, literally “Big Willow Leaf Varietal” is grown in Yong Xi and used for Yong Xi Huo Qing. It is also called Yong Xi Liu Ye Zhong.
  • Si Chuan Ban Qiao Mu is a cross-breeding from Lao Chuan Cha and Qiao Mu Da Ye Zhong.
  • Gan Cha 1 Hao (“Province of Jiangxi Tea No. 1”) is a tea plant that was bred in 1991. It has medium-sized leaves and it is used a.o. for the local green teas (Lu Shan Yun Wu respectively Mist&Cloud Tea).