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About Us

LaenggassTee is a family enterprise, founded in 1983 at the Laenggasstrasse 47 in Berne.

We, Katrin & Gerhard Lange, started this enterprise the two of us with a lot of excitement for tea. In the course of the years our competence as merchants grew and our love and excitement for tea became a passion and the content of our lives, with and besides our family. The more we plunged into and gained insight about the ancient Asian tea culture the more we realised that it is about a life-long, never ending learning process. Thus we came to stand on a healthy, solid, organically grown basis, consisting of connections, contacts, a healthy economical fundament and knowledge on the one hand, and on the other hand we are looking forward to an extremely interesting and teaching future.

We, that is Gerhard Lange and sons, especially Kaspar Lange, have been travelling regularly to and through Asia since 2002. Kaspar Lange learned the Chinese language especially for these occasions and has acquired an incomparable specialised knowledge about and around tea. Through our journeys to China, Japan and Taiwan we gained personal contacts with tea cultivators, tea masters and tea merchants, which are indispensable to obtain classic and rare teas in good quality and to affordable prices; and not least to buy selected tea sets and dishes to offer in our shop. As these exclusive teas from their original places, known for many hundreds of years, are really rare, they can impossibly be distributed far around, even though the local market in Asia and the internet promise it.

Now Laenggasstee does not only deal with classic rarities, the much bigger and economically sustaining part of our business consists in the good-to-excellent everyday tea sorts we offer; the unique herbs of Aries; honey of apiarists with a consciousness for the highest quality and the selected accessories. Here also we have excellent personal contacts, which grew into friendships in over twenty years.

For all these activities we work with an outstanding team which consists of our four sons, Kaspar, Lukas, Moritz and Sebastian, our first daughter-in-law Tina Wagner as well as 16 co-workers that are all passionate about tea and continuously growing more knowledgeable about it through internal trainings. Furthermore we have an apprentice and two interns. In addition, our warehouse at Laenggassstrasse 7 is run by a dedicated team, which not only keeps our stock in order, but diligently takes care of large orders.

A further important part of our business is the TeaRoom on the first floor above our shop. All our teas can be tried, tasted, drunk and enjoyed in a calm atmosphere here.

We care to mention our counselling in the gastronomical area in which we recently offer a new concept that combines really good quality with easy handling: the Sélection Grand Hotel.

It was in fall 2012 that the newly founded tea school under the direction of Tina Wagner opened its doors for the first time!

The Lange family & collaborators



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