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Tea Journeys

Tea journeys – China

China, the land of tea. The discovery of tea as a beverage dates back as far as five thousand years. The use of the tea plant was documented first in Yunnan, Southern China. Until this day, the tea plant is cultivated and celebrated in different areas of China. And it was this passion that led family Lange, too, to travel to and through China. For over ten years now, Gerhard, Kaspar and Lukas Lange have been travelling for tea. On the one hand to find the best teas, and on the other hand for continuous education, or, simply, to enjoy travellingon its own, as China offers wonderful, diverse landscapes and a really inviting culture of hospitality.

Lukas Lange guides you for ten to fourteen days to and through classic tea cultivation sites in China. The journeys take place during spring (April/May), during the time of harvest. To taste the tea directly at its origin is a special experience for every tea lover.

Are you interested? Then please get in contact with Lukas Lange, lukas.lange@laenggasstee.ch, who will love to inform you on future tea journeys and the exact conditions.

Tea journeys – Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other Tea destinations

Japan has, besides China, the oldest tea tradition. Tea is still produced in Japan according to the ancient model: exclusively green tea – yet with the highest technological means. Harvest is also in spring (May). This tea journey leads you through different tea cultivation sites where you get to know and taste subtle the differences. The same travel leads you further to South Korea where the green tea is produced in its own Korean tradition.

It is mainly Oolong teas that are produced in Taiwan, like the famous High Mountain Oolong or Oriental Beauty. Where do these delicacies come from? Lukas Lange guides you, uponrequest, through the cultivation sites of Taiwan. This way you learn how besides the artful hand of the tea master also the conditions of cultivation significantly coin a tea’s character.

On demand we also offer you the opportunity of travelling with us to India, Nepal or Iran.

For further information please contact Lukas Lange, lukas.lange@laenggasstee.ch directly.



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