The Perspectives-Events are various different form of events about tea. In workshops, seminars and readings we discover, experiment and deepen our thirst for the knowledge on tea. Please note that these events are currently only available in German. For further information on the different events and dates, please follow our link (only in German).


Tasting Seminar

The Tasting Seminar is a monthly event on a specific topic of one tea category, which will be held by one of the inhouse tea specialist. You will enjoy an in-depth tasting from our current assortment while getting an overview over a category of a type of tea.
The sole requirement for participating in a seminar is a keen interest in tea; no prior knowledge about tea is required. All tasting seminars are stand-alone and can be attended individually; but since the themes vary widely, visiting several tasting seminars can be of interest.
The number of participants is limited to 5-7; in case of greater interest, the seminar can be repeated.

The Tasting Seminars are in German. For other languages like French or English, please contact us beforehand at teeschule@laenggasstee.ch.

Private Tasting Seminars are available for a group of 5-7 people. For further information please contact us at teeschule@laenggasstee.ch.


Dates and topics 2024:

• January 6th 2024 The Grand Crus of tea: aged oolongs
• February 3rd 2024 Oolong mineral and charcoal roasted: Wuyi Rock Tea
• March 2nd 2024 The green Oolongs from southern-Fujian: Tie Guan Yin et al.
• April 6th 2024 From large leaves to finest tips: white tea
• May 4th 2024 The many faces of Japanese Sencha

• May 18th 2024 additional event: The many faces of Japanese Sencha
• June 1st 2024 Oxidation or fermentation: yellow teas
• July 6th 2024 New arrivals from China: Green teas
• August 3rd 2024 Taiwan Oolong: High Mountain Tea
• September 7th 2024 ... and again the Pu Er Sheng Cha (raw)
• October 12th 2024 ... getting darker and darker: Heicha incl. Pu Er Shu Cha (post-fermented)
• November 2nd 2024 Qimen, Yunnan, Tanyang: China-black
• December 7th 2024 Brown Oolongs from southern China: Phoenix Single Bush



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