High Tea

The historical origin of the famous High Tea leads us back to the English King’s court in the year 1662.

Catherine of Braganza, the Portuguese princess at that time, married King Charles II. Tea was her dower. Nutrition and life style were determined by alcohol in those days in England, regardless of social class and age. Traditionally a day started with a beer soup and continued in a cheerful mood until the night came by. The new Queen showed great disapproval of these customs.

She hence impromptu created a classy tea time and succeeded making it courteous to drink tea.

At the age of the Belle-Époque it was then said to be very chic to invite for tea before visiting the theatre or the opera. Usually the so-called Afternoon-Tea was celebrated around five o’clock.

You are very welcome to enjoy a High Tea in our TeaRoom at all hours from morning to evening (except on Saturday morning).

High Tea is a meal. You get a three parted “etagère” (tiered platter) to your table.

The lowest plate offers a variety of salty foods, on the one in the middle you find the famous salty and sweet scones and finally, on the top plate, you find delicious sweets towering up.

You are invited to choose finest tea delicacies to your High Tea.

Our High tea can be ordered for two or more people, and it costs 45.- CHF/p.p. (incl. tea).


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