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Our original shop has been located at the same address ever since 1983, at Laenggass-Strasse 47, in the well-known Bernese Laenggass-quarter, directly besides the former chocolate factory of Chocolat Tobler AG, which now hosts part of Bern’s universities. Our localities used to host a tobacco shop in former times, and the legend goes that Lenin used to buy his tobacco here. Despite renovations the old house kept its former charm, which is easy to connect with through the ears when one climbs up the old creaking spiral staircase…
Of course the nose does not have to miss out on anything sensual joy either, as all the teas piled up and stocked from the bottom to the high roof care for the finest scents giving off their fragrances perpetually. It happens on certain occasions that you pick up the these fragrances of the already on the street even before opening the shop’s door to the shop at Länggassstrasse number 47.

The Rarities Shop
It was in 2010 that we opened the rarities shop at Laenggass-Strasse 45, right beside the mother-shop. Here we sell “rari-teas” from China, Korea and Taiwan in the original Chinese tea shop atmosphere. This means a.o. that you can taste any tea in Gongfu Cha at our tea table before buying it. Adequate tea services and accessories are exposed. Come in, have a taste and let yourself be surprised!

TeaRoom & TeaLounge
Since 1996 tea and delicacies of the house can be enjoyed on the first floor, which can be reached by the old spiral staircase. Since the end of 2010 the lounge besides the tearoom offers tranquillity and cosiness. Both rooms provide and are space for tea, available in all its varieties and culturally diverse modes of preparation. The whole assortment comprising over four hundred different kinds of tea can be tasted here. Competent personal helps you choose and loves to serve you fresh homemade pastries.

Urasenke-tea master Ursula Soko Kohli built a Japanese tea room for LaenggassTee, called a Chashitsu (茶室 ), in which she performs Japanese tea ceremonies. The Bernese lady was educated at the famous Urasenke Midorikai school in Kyoto among others. Her group is now an official branch of the strictly hierarchical Japanese school. Ursula Kohli introduces interested LaenggassTee clients to the world of the Japanese tea culture.
Smaller groups can register for tea ceremonies at any time. Every Friday and Saturday afternoon there is a possibility for LaenggassTee clients to get a taste, glimpse and impression of the tea ceremony in a lighter frame. No registration required.
The Chashitsu was officially inaugurated by tea master Jack Convery Soko from Kyoto, Japan.
Offers, dates and registration under Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Our little storage is at the back of our localities at Laenggass-Strasse 45. It is here that we create our mixtures, too. In addition, we have a cold storage room downstairs in the basement. It is here that we keep the most delicate teas that live from their freshness (white, yellow, green tea and green Oolong). We advise our clients to do the same and to keep these teas in their original airtight aluminium package at home in the fridge when they are not enjoyed within a few months’ time.

Our main storage is located at Laenggass-Strasse 7 in the basement since 2010, and it is here that the packing and shipping for our large-scale customers takes place.



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