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Etikett RaritätenSpecialties and rarities are vacuum packed in special bags and put into our rarities boxes. When we talk about rarities we mean teas that come from ancient production areas in Asia. For centuries they have been known and coveted for their scarceness. The production of these precious teas requires experience, constant tendance and craftsmanship, which can only be guaranteed within small family businesses with manageable gardens.

We do our best to obtain as much information as possible on the teas that we collect for you, and to pass this information on to you as you wish. Following this intent, we designed the tags on the vacuum bags: (the tags are in German, though)

A tea category is a sub-classification respectively a junction of teas with similar procedures of manufacture. In the tea list you find all teas of a category of manufacturing procedure sorted by these tea categories.

The name of the tea and its category are printed on the label in Chinese, too.

A/B/C is a classification of teas following these criteria:

The classic teas are labelled with A. All differing features get the attributes B, C, D or E.

A Classic teas from original tea plant varietals from original locations with traditional processing
B Teas from non-original location
C Teas made of newly bred tea plant varietals
D Teas with a newer processing
E Recently developed teas made of original tea plant varietals

The tea plant varietal is normally a Chinese name/substantive. Please click here if you want to read more about tea plant varietals. Most of them are tabulated by name and explained.

Information on the manufacturing process are e.g. the kind and strength of fermentation and the roasting. More information on tea processing here or in the printed tea list (currently available in German only).

The way of brewing in Gongfu Cha is described here.



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