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Catalogue, Tea Lists and travelogues

Most recent news, the latest and freshest teas, mixtures or completely new acquisitions are to be found under Blog&News (in German only).

Our tea list, the tea catalogue and our travelogues, currently all in German only, are available in pdf format here or as a hardcopy version directly in our teashop.

Here you find our actual tea list
>> Teeliste 2017-2019 (pdf, only in German)

Here you find our old tea lists
>> Teeliste 2015-2017 (pdf, only in German)
>> Teeliste 2013-2015 (pdf, only in German)
>> Teeliste 2011/2012 (pdf, only in German)

Novelties and travelogue 2012
>> Reisebericht 2011 (pdf, only in German)

Addendum to the tea list 2011/2012: travelogue 2011/2012
>> Reisebericht Neuheiten 2012 (pdf, only in German)

Our tea catalogue includes our complete assortment as well as many interesting facts and stories about tea. Representatively, some teas are described in great detail. Legends and pictures allow you to have a glimpse of the versatile world of tea.

>> Der Teekatalog (pdf, only in German)



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