Introductory course

Gaining insight into the rich world of tea in a compact form of the introductory course in English: During the first weekend, we discover the processing of tea, its roots in various cultures, its preparation and how to use our sensory experience to enjoy it. The second weekend is dedicated to advanced tastings and exploring the many flavors of the tea plant, from every day teas to exquisite delicacies.
In the introduction course we teach the basics of processing, preparation and sensory analysis.
The focus is on the questions of what tea is and how we can approach this multi-layered beverage. The course provides an overview of the different teas and cultures, teaches a language to grasp and describe tea and shows different ways of preparing and tasting tea. The course is divided into two Weekends.


Program of the first Weekend: Tea – an overview

During the first Weekend we will span an arc and create an overview: We follow the leaf from the tree to the cup, explore the different ways of processing the tea plant, learn the basics of preparation and practice sensory perception.

Program of the second Weekend: Delving into brewing and tasting

During the second Weekend we focus on in-depth tasting, different styles of tea preparation, which we taste and explore in a variety of ways. We are dedicated to the interaction with tea, its specific preparation and its sensory experience. We delve into different ways of drinking tea and explore the variety of aromas of the tea plant. We discover this with everyday teas as well as with rare delicacies.


The weekend course in English is at the following dates:


First Weekend

Tea-an overview



 10.00-12.00h, 14.00-16.00h

Second Weekend
Delving into brewing and tasting   
 10.00-12.00h, 14.00-16.00h

The course fee for the complete course per person: 360.- CHF

More information are available on here (in german only)

For further information and the course registration you may send us an Email to teeschule@laenggasstee.ch or call at +41 31 302 15 28.



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