Japanese breakfast

Japanese tea culture is fascinating and flavorful. Intensity, beauty and the dedication for hospitality underlie every tea ritual. In Japan, tea is an expression of a culinary culture that is celebrated, lived and enjoyed down to the last detail.

Länggass -Tee stands for tea culture as well as for pleasure culture. We are inspired by the joy of culinary diversity, of full taste experiences and the resulting bonding moments.

It is a pleasure to invite you to another wonderful way of enjoying tea with the Japanese Breakfast.

These delicacies await you

A Japanese breakfast offers a savory start to the day and includes the following dishes:
Rice, a miso soup, fermented vegetables, tofu and a Japanese sweet.
Along with this, you will enjoy a tea accompaniment of select Japanese teas.

Cost: 45.00 per person
Japanese breakfast is served every Saturday from 10am to 12am.

Check directly in the Aleno reservation system when the next seats are available.
We look forward to accompanying you on this culinary journey.



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