History of LaenggassTee

October 25, 1983 Foundation of the tea shop LaenggassTee by Katrin & Gerhard Lange in the well-known Bernese Laenggass-quarter at Laenggass-Strasse 47.

1983-1989 The four sons are born: Kaspar, Lukas, Moritz and Sebastian. The family lives during these first years in the little apartment that is connected with the shop by the lovely spiral staircase.

Spring 1987 We establish a first big storage place close to the goods station.

Autumn 1991 First modification of the localities, renovation and installation of new furniture.

Autumn 1993 The storehouse moves to Laenggass-Strasse 45.

Autumn 1997 Inauguration of the TeaRoom (Restaurant) on the first floor.

Summer 2002 First journey to China by Gerhard Lange. Further travels to Asia every year, usually accompanied by one of the sons.

2003 Second modification of the localities. The small room in the back and the window area are integrated into the shop. The internet shop goes online.

Spring 2005 Kaspar Lange stays for a few months in China, learning Chinese (Mandarin) and visits the country.

Autumn 2006 Kaspar Lange gets officially on board of the tea shop (Acquisition and sales of Chinese rarities/Tea seminars/Tastings/Website).

February 2009 Birth of Johann Lange, son of Kaspar Lange and Tina Wagner Lange.

May 2009 Lukas Lange comes aboard the tea shop (Administration/Apprentices/Major clients and gastronomy/Organisation and realisation of tea travels).

Winter 2009/2010 Modifications of the localities: expanding the storehouse and installation of the cool store in the basement, construction of the TeaLounge and the Japanese tea room (Chashitsu). Establishment of the newly designed rarities shop in the front room of the house right beside the shop, where formerly storage and packing/shipping was located. New large storehouse at Laenggass-Strasse 7.

May 2010 Moritz Lange joins the business as the third of the Lange sons (Logistics and distribution in the new storage house at Laenggass-Strasse 7/Special packing).

June 2011 Birth of Isabel Lange, daughter of Kaspar Lange and Tina Wagner Lange.

End of 2011 Tina Wagner Lange, former school teacher, joins the business (Survey of the whole schooling/seminar program, Sales of Chinese tea rarities).

Summer 2012 Sebastian Lange enters in the business as the fourth and last Lange-son (Administration).

October 2012 The Tea School directed by Tina Wagner Lange has its first seminar series.



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