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Pu Er Grade 1

Harvest: 2006
Origin: China / Yunnan / Lincang
Height: m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Qiao Mu Da Ye Zhong
125g / 36,00 CHF
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A really good, full, mellow and aromatic fermented Pu Er, from Lincang. It is a Pu Er Gong Ting of 2006. Gong Ting means Emperor's Palace or Emperor's Court and refers to the Emperor's apartments, hence in Europe this tea is also often called Pu Er Emperor. In regard to fermented Pu Er the term is used to designate a very high quality of the smallest leaf grade.
Soft, sweet and yet rich and earthy.
Shu San Cha (fermentierte Pu Er offen)
Earthy, dark and heavy. Produced by using the process of Human induced post-fermentation. Through years of storage it keeps being fermented microbially, losing somewhat of its crudeness and gains depth, sweetness and mellowness.

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