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Jin Jun Mei Version 2005

Harvest: May 2016
Origin: China / Fujian / Wuyishan / Xingcun / Tongmuguan
Height: 900 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Qi Zhong
21g / 90,00 CHF
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Real, original Jin Jun Mei from Tongmuguan. An absolute top black tea, only made from buds from tea plants growing in great height, from the same wildly grown tea plants like Zhengshan Xiaozhong. Jin Jun Mei is named after the first name of its inventor Liang JUN De and after its looks: Jin Mei, golden eyebrow. Jun literally means noble horse, which fits this tea well, too.
A tea so dense and intense, tenderly tart and fruity, aromatic, impressive. Who drinks it attentively is richly rewarded.
Min Hong (Fujian-Schwarztee)
This tea has been fully oxidized and can thus be kept at room temperature.

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