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Dear Customers,

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With warm regards from Berne,
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To the onlineshop

Finest Zhejiang green teas

Fresh tea leaves in light green

Yun Wu 云雾
Da Fo Long Jing 大佛龙井
Jin Jiang Hui Ming 金奖惠明
Bai Ya Long Jing 白芽龙井
Fo Xiang Bai Cha 佛香白茶

More fresh and new teas as well as images you find in the Blog&News section.


Introductory Course in English 2025

Gong Fu Cha

Gaining insight into the rich world of tea in a compact form of the introductory course in English during two Weekends in April 2025.
During the first weekend, we discover the processing of tea, its roots in various cultures, its preparation and how to use our sensory experience to enjoy it. The second weekend is dedicated to advanced tastings and exploring the many flavors of the tea plant, from every day teas to exquisite delicacies.
First Weekend 26./27.04.2025; Second Weekend 03./04.05.2025.

For further information and the course registration please follow this link.