Tasting Seminars

Every first Saturday of a month from 4-5.30 p.m. upon request
Number of participants: 5-7 people
Investment: CHF 45.00 per person


Starting with 2019 we modify the concept of our tea seminar. From then on it is a tasting seminar: the tasting seminars are conceived as guided tastings. You will enjoy an in-depth tasting from our current assortment while getting an overview over a category of a type of tea. At the same time new understandings from China and other tea producing countries will be conveyed.

The main theme of a seminar is always a tea category and it will be conducted by Kaspar Lange, our tea specialist who will guide you through the tasting with many insights and much information about the tea. Additionally to the sensory experience, these events are about the history, the terroir, and tea plant varieties – to which experiences from the tea buying travels are added. Lastly, the tea utensils, crockery and tea preparation in the manner of the Gong Fu Cha are also part of the seminar.

The sole requirement for participating in a seminar is a keen interest in tea; no prior knowledge about tea is required. All tasting seminars are stand-alone and can be attended individually; but since the themes vary widely, visiting several tasting seminars can be of interest.

The number of participants is limited to 5-7; in case of greater interest, the seminar can be repeated. Should you gather a group of 5-7 people, we can organise a tasting seminar of your choice at an agreed date and time.

The tasting seminars will be held in German, but we can easily include French and English speakers.

For questions and reservations please be in touch with Tina Wagner at tina.wagner@laenggasstee.ch

Further information and some images related to the individual themes can be found in our online shop and in the travel-logs (currently in German only, we apologise).

Dates and subjects 2019:

  • 5th Jan 19 The Grand Crus of tea: aged oolongs
  • 2nd Feb 19 From CTC to Golden Tips: Assam
  • 2nd Mar 19 Teas from the Himalaya: Darjeeling
  • 6th Apr 19 The many faces of Japanese Sencha
  • 4th May 19 From large leaves to finest tips: white tea
  • 1st Jun 19 The green Oolongs from southern-Fujian: Tie Guan Yin et al.
  • 6th Jul 19 New arrivals from China: Green teas
  • 3rd Aug 19 Oxidation or fermentation: yellow teas
  • 7th Sep 19 ... and again the Pu Er Sheng Cha (raw)
  • 12th Oct 19 ... getting darker and darker: Heicha incl. Pu Er Shu Cha (post-fermented)
  • 9th Nov 19 Qimen, Yunnan, Tanyang: China-black
  • 7th Dec 19 Brown Oolongs from southern China: Phoenix Single Bush


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