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Meng Ding Huang Ya

Harvest: 05.03.2017
Origin: China / Sichuan / Ya'an / Mingshan / Hongyan
Height: 800 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Zhong Hua 302
50g / 75,00 CHF
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One of the classical yellow teas. Top quality, made from buds only, with very beautiful dark yellow black bamboo leaves similar to Zhu Ye Qing, processed as a Zhen Xing Cha (needle leaf tea). Like in most other regions, the yellow teas from Mengding Huang Ya are nowadays usually produced in a very green way, and can hardly be distinguished from green teas. This one, however, was produced in a very yellow way, following the traditional but modernized Menhuang: it was packed into portions and wrapped into special paper made of bamboo, piled up and stored for 24 hours in a warm and moist room where it could undergo the Men Huang, turning yellow in a stuffy/closed environment. Every two hours (even during night time!) it was unwrapped and packed again. Then the leaves have been laid out in a layer of 10cm height für 24 hours at a temperature of 25°C. This process is difficult to control (the tea can suffocate and perish) and very demanding for the tea master. Finally the tea has been roasted above charcoal at a temperature of 120°C and then dried in the oven at a temperature of 80°C.

Mengding is probably the oldest area where tea has been cultivated by man, i.e. not harvested from wild growing tea bushes.
Sweet smells, dark and warm. The taste is smokey, buttery and aromatic; slightly acidic and fruity. In a delicate way wild and full of energy.
Zhen Xing Cha (needle leaf)
This tea is stored in a cool place at Länggass-Tee, in order to preserve its freshness.
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