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Youleshan 2017

Harvest: 04.04.2017
Origin: China / Yunnan / Xishuangbanna / Jinghong / Yanuozhai
Height: 1550 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Qiao Mu Xiaoyezhong (200jährig und älter)
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A Pu Er of highest quality produced by Laenggass-Tee in collaboration with Les Feuilles Vertes. It comes from Youle (Jinuoshan) from old tea-trees, traditionally produced and sun-dried.

The tea garden, well protected from direct sunlight, is located in a forest with a good biodeviersity in a small remote valley. The different varietals that grow in this garden are - quite surprisingly - not Dayezhong, but wild and original varieteis such as Xiaoyezhong and Zhongyezhong. The teas are produced by three brothers from Simao, who love the tea from Youle, but which has not been well produced of late. Hence they decided to rent a garden and to produce Youle in the traditional manner.

A Pu Er of highest quality made of old tea trees from Yiwu. Produced by Laenggass-Tee and Les Feuilles Vertes. Traditional crafting, dried in the sun.

The tea garden has a great bio-diversity including many old tea trees of different ages, from 100 years upwards.
The character of the mountain Youleshan is defined by light, aromatic and sweet notes. This tea is still fresh.
Sheng Cha - Raw Pu Er
Fresh and pleasant to drink, combining slightly tart and sweet notes. This tea undergoes a process of microbial fermentation while stored, during which it loses freshness and tartness, while gaining depth, sweetness and earthy notes.
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