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Yunnan High Mountain

Harvest: April 2018
Origin: China / Yunnan / Pu'er / Lancang / Xiaoxinzhai
Height: 1200 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Ruan Zhi Wu Long
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Newly established tea plantation with traditional Taiwanese tea bushes (Ruan Zhi Wu Long) close to Jingmaishan. Produced as an unroasted High Mountain Oolong. Very beautiful tea. Besides the classic tastes of Taiwanese Gao Shan Cha (High Mountain Tea), this one shows a subtle note of honey, similar to other teas from Yunnan.
Sweetish heavy flower fragrance, a tea that is at first playful, then light and fruity, then turns into more serious, spicy and clear character traits.
High Mountain Tea Gao Shan Cha
This tea was produced in a relatively green manner and it is stored in a cool place at Länggass-Tee, in order to preserve its freshness.
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