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Lao Chuan Hong

Harvest: 30.03.2017
Origin: China / Sichuan / Ya'an / Mingshan / Shifo'an
Height: 900 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Lao Chuan Cha
50g / 18,50 CHF
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A wonderful black tea from the region around Mount Mengding in Sichuan province. Laochuanhong signifies old Sichuan black tea and refers to the tea variety used, the traditional Sichuan tea-plant - which has become rare these days. The tea has been produced in a traditional fashion and hence his taste is one of a pure black tea.

Mengding is probably the oldest area where tea has been cultivated by man, i.e. not harvested from wild growing tea bushes.
A tea with an intense, malty smell, which reminds of sweet wheat and dry wood. The taste is clearly tart, delicately smoky with a hint of flower. A very enjoyable black tea without frills.
Weitere Schwarztees chinesischer Art
This tea has been fully oxidized and can thus be kept at room temperature.
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