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Tan Yang Mao Feng

Harvest: April 2017
Origin: China / Fujian / Fu'an / Tanyang
Height: 260 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Cai Cha
125g / 28,50 CHF
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A real Gong Fu Cha from Tan Yang village, but bought before the process of sifting, where the tea is sorted by size of the leaves. Tan Yang Gong Fu is one of the ancient traditional Minhong Gongfu, which have been famous since 1851. Most of the Gongfucha that can be found today are produced in a modern form, only from buds, just like Jin Jun Mei. This Tan Yang Maofeng was produced in the traditional way as a Gongfu Maocha. It is called Maocha, unfinished tea, because we bought it before the very last step of its production, where the leaves are sifted and sorted out according to the size of the leaves by machine.
Smooth and flexible, sweetish-fruity tastes combined with a nice tender and unobtrusively tart note of black tea.
Min Hong (Fujian-Schwarztee)
This tea has been fully oxidized and can thus be kept at room temperature.

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