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Tea School Module VIII | The Treasures of the Tea World (Tea Seminars)

Every first Saturday of a month from 4-6 p.m. upon request
Number of participants: 5-7 people
Investment: CHF 65.00 per person


The tea seminars of the series ‘Module VIII | The treasures of the tea world’ are part of the tea school. They are offered every first Saturday of the month independently of the tea school program.

The tea seminars are conceived as guided tastings. As a participant, you will taste in depth teas from our current assortment, including top rare teas while simultaneously getting an overview of the tea category. Thus the seminars about the same tea category differ from year to year, as fresh and new teas will be prepared and recent experiences and knowledge acquired in China and the other countries of origin will be presented.

These seminars always have a specific category of tea as a subject and the tea ceremonies are performed by Kaspar Lange, a fine tea specialist who performs the tastings offering vast background knowledge about the array of teas that he proposes to the participants. You do not only get the experience on your palate, but you also learn about technical information on the manufacturing procedures, the historical and local positioning, tea plant varietals and also about experiences gained on travels to China, thus also on how the tea was purchased. Last but not least, the adequate tea service and way of brewing in Gongfu Cha is of great importance, and you learn about the brewing specialties of the teas you get to taste.

The subjects are independent from each other, which means that every seminar can be attended independently from any other. Depending on your interest you are welcome to attend any seminar you like. Each and every subject is interesting and multi-faceted in itself, even if you have no or little idea of the tea category in question yet. Essentially, all you need is your interest in tea. No further knowledge is required to attend any of these tea seminars.

The number of participants is restricted to five to seven. If we cannot satisfy the demand with one seminar, another will be offered on the same subject. If you bring five to seven people you can also book a seminar on your own on any other date that suits both sides.

For registration please contact Tina Wagner at tina.wagner@laenggasstee.ch

Documentations and photographs of the individual subjects can be found in our blog under Tea Seminars (currently in German only, we apologise).

Dates and subjects 2018:

  • Jan 6th 2018: Grand Cru of tea: stored Oolongs
  • Feb 3rd 2018: Classic and new black teas from China
  • Mar 3rd 2018: A newer trend: Black teas made of Oolong tea plants
  • Apr 7th 2018: Taiwan Oolong from the plains: Oriental Beauty, Bao Zhong etc.
  • May 5th 2018: Taiwan Oolong from the mountains: High Mountain Tea, Dong Ding etc.
  • Jun 2nd 2018: Classic and new green teas from China
  • Jul 7th 2018: Spontaneous oxidation and spontaneous fermentation: white and yellow teas
  • Aug 4th 2018: Min Nan Wu Long: Oolong from Anxi and Zhangping
  • Sep 1st 2018: Pu Er Sheng Cha (raw)
  • Oct 13th 2018: Post fermented teas with Pu Er Shou Cha (cooked)
  • Nov 3rd 2018: The origin of Oolong: Phoenix Single Bush
  • Dec 1st 2018: Mineral and charcoal roasted: Wu Yi Rock Tea


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