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Yibangshan Xiaoshu 2019

Harvest: 20.03.2019
Origin: China / Yunnan / Xishuangbanna / Mengla / Wangzishan
Height: 1100 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Qiao Mu Da Ye Zhong (unter 100 Jahre alt)
ca. 200g / 330,00 CHF
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A original and genuine tea from Mansong, but from small tea trees (Xiaoshu) that have been planted less than hundred years ago, hence in a more affordable price segment, when compared to teas from old trees (Gushu).

Tea from Mansong is considered as one of the finest from Yibang and has been tribute tea during the Ming and the Qing Dinasty. Already in those times large parts of the tea forests have been burned down, for one out of rivalry with other tea producing areas but also in order to reduce the tax-burden or the quantity of tribute that had to be paid. During the resistance against the Japanese and the Great Leap Forward, many old trees have been destroyed, so that tea from old trees from Mansong have become very rare.
Sheng Cha - Raw Pu Er
Fresh and pleasant to drink, combining slightly tart and sweet notes. This tea undergoes a process of microbial fermentation while stored, during which it loses freshness and tartness, while gaining depth, sweetness and earthy notes.
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