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Pu Er 8892

Harvest: 1988
Origin: China / Yunnan / Xishuangbanna / Mengla / Yiwu
Height: m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Qiao Mu Da Ye Zhong (alte Teebäume)
ca. 357g / 2.800,00 CHF
incl. VAT
excl. shipping and handling

Shipping on request
A very rare and sought after raw Pu Er from old trees from Yiwu. in 1988 a tea-lover from Hong Kong requested the national tea factory in Yunnan to produce this tea. The first batch has been made solely from old tea trees - of this batch, we could acquire 4 pieces through reliable contacts in Taiwan. For the second part of the production, leaves from younger trees have been included. Unfortunately, there are many forgeries of this famous tea on the market, particularly on the internet. This tea can be bought at our shop directly, as we choose not to ship it. It has been stored in China and Taiwan until 2016.

Upon request you can buy 25g of this tea for CHF 200.00.
Sheng Cha - Raw Pu Er
Fresh and pleasant to drink, combining slightly tart and sweet notes. This tea undergoes a process of microbial fermentation while stored, during which it loses freshness and tartness, while gaining depth, sweetness and earthy notes.


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