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Zang Cha 1993

Harvest: Spring/Summer 1993-1995
Origin: China / Sichuan / Ya'an
Height: 1000 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Da Ye Zhong
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A very beautiful traditional Heicha made from local large-leaf plants from Sichuan. The tea is fermented by a post-fermentation induced by human hand: the moist leaves are being stacked in a moist and warm room and the microorganisms in the air ferment the tea. Then, the tea is pressed into 500g-lumps and stocked for years, during this time, a natural post-fermentation takes place. This tea has been stocked in Guangzhou, China, until 2016.

It is probable that this Heicha was initially destined to the export along the old paths of the caravans leading to Tibet, Xinjiang or Mongolia. The name Zangcha can be translated as Tibet-tea.
This tea has been fermented microbially during years of storage (in China until 2011) and keeps maturing over time, gaining depth, sweetness and earthy aromas.
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