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Shi Liang Cha 2011

Harvest: Spring/Summer 2011/2012
Origin: China / Hunan / Yiyang / Anhua
Height: 1000 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Xiao Ye Zhong
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Shi Liang Cha, which means a pound of tea, is a smaller version of the pressed tea that is called Qian Liang Cha (hundred pound tea). This tea is usually pressed into huge pillars. Shiliangcha resp. Qianliangcha is one of the traditional Heicha, and one of the oldest ways of processing the tea leaves. The tea is fermented by a post-fermentation induced by human hand: the moist leaves are being stacked in a moist and warm room and the microorganisms in the air ferment the tea, a process that continues after the tea is being pressed into its shape. Stocked in Guangzhou, China until 2016.
This tea has been fermented microbially during years of storage (in China until 2011) and keeps maturing over time, gaining depth, sweetness and earthy aromas.
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