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Lao Cong Da Hong Pao

Harvest: 08.05.2016
Origin: China / Fujian / Wuyishan / Dakengkou
Height: 300 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Qi Zhong (100jährige Teebüsche)
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A Dahongpao of a rare kind and quality. It has not been produced from one of the traditional genuine Dahongpao varieties Beidou, Queshe and Qidan, but from hundred year old bushes (Laocong) of the original Wuyi variety Qizhong - which nowadays is being grown in Tongmuguan, where it is made into smoked black tea. Da Hong Pao is the most famous of the Si Da Ming Cong, the Four Great Famous Varietals of the Wuyi Rock Teas. Typical Dahongpao are very balanced, combining fruity aromas, the roast aromas of bread and mineral notes. The name Dahongpao translates as Big red robe and the name is explained by different legends, such as: the ill empress was healed with tea, whereupon the emperor clad the tea bushes in a big red robe.
Wuyi Rock Tea (Wu Yi Yan Cha)
This tea was heavily oxidized and roasted, it can thus be kept at room temperature and even be aged.

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