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Ming Jian Rou Gui 1999

Harvest: Spring 1999
Origin: Taiwan / Nantou / Mingjian
Height: 400 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Rou Gui
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A roasted and stored ball-shaped Oolong of very good quality made from the varietal Rougui. This varietal has been smuggled out of China to Taiwan and planted there. For this tea, leaves from the harvest of 1999 have been rolled with great care in the traditional manner and shaped into oblong lumps, instead of the usual pellets. Stored in Taiwan until 2015.
The heavy sweetness of dried fruit and delicate notes of wood enhance the intensity of the dense and aromatic taste of this lively tea.
Kugelblatt-Oolong (Quan Qiu Xing)
This tea was produced in a relatively green manner, but sufficienty oxidised and then roasted. It was aged for years, which initiated a spontaneous fermentation. This tea can further be aged.