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A Li Shan 1999

Harvest: Spring 1999
Origin: Taiwan / Jiayi / Zhuqi / Zhonghe / Shizhuo
Height: 1400 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Qing Xin Wu Long
50g / 43,50 CHF
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A very beautiful High Mountain Tea (Gaoshancha) from Mount Ali from the harvest of 1999 and gently roasted. Through the long keeping, the tea shows very pronounced notes of maturity. Stored in Taiwan until the end of 2015.
Beautiful notes of wood, its intensity reminds of bulky old furniture, elegant pieces of clothing from times past and at the same time it has wild tastes of earth, rocks and moss. Most peculiar connections become apparent.
High Mountain Tea Gao Shan Cha
This tea was produced in a relatively green manner, but sufficienty oxidised and then roasted. It was aged for years, which initiated a spontaneous fermentation. This tea can further be aged.
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