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Mi Lan Xiang

Harvest: April 2013
Origin: China / Guangdong / Chaozhou / Fenghuang
Height: 800 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Shui Xian Bai Ye
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A good and typical Fenghuang Dancong, traditionally produced and moderately roasted above charcoal from litchi-wood.

The leaves come from bushes of the Baiye sub-varietal (White leaf), blended with leaves from wild tea trees. The better quality from the Baiye are called Milanxiang, which means scent of honey-orchids and indicate a honey-sweetness in the tea.
Warm, a creamy softness, fruity freshness, delicately tart and honey-sweet. A delicious typical Phoenix.
Phoenix Single Bush (Feng Huang Dan Cong)
This tea was heavily oxidized and roasted, it can thus be kept at room temperature and even be aged.
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