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Si Ji Chun

Harvest: April 2016
Origin: Taiwan / Nantou / Mingjian
Height: 400 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Si Ji Chun
100g / 32,50 CHF
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A green ball-shaped Oolong for every day, from the low lands near Mingjian, made from the newly bred tea varietal Sijichun, Four Seasons Spring. This tea has been produced in a more traditional manner, with a slightly higher degree of oxidation, which makes the tea darker and more aromatic.
Aromatic and fresh, flowery and light, with a subtly fruity aftertaste.
Kugelblatt-Oolong (Quan Qiu Xing)
This tea was produced in a relatively green manner and it is stored in a cool place at Länggass-Tee, in order to preserve its freshness.
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