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Ming Jian Ba Xian

Harvest: Spring 2016
Origin: Taiwan / Nantou / Mingjian
Height: 400 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Shui Xian Ba Xian
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A plant of the variety Shuixian Baxian that has been smuggled from Fenghuang to Taiwan in the early 2000s and has been growing in Mingjian since. Through cuttings several rows of shrubs of the Baxian variety are growing there now. Contrary to the Mingjian Dancong, which has been produced in an open, slightly rolled shape, the Mingjian Baxian has been ball-shaped in traditional Taiwanese fashion.
Kugelblatt-Oolong (Quan Qiu Xing)
This tea was heavily oxidized and roasted, it can thus be kept at room temperature and even be aged.
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