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A Li Shan

Harvest: Spring 2016
Origin: Taiwan / Jiayi / Zhuqi / Zhonghe / Shizhuo
Height: 1300-1400 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Qing Xin Wu Long
50g / 29,00 CHF
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A wonderful High Mountain Tea from Alishan. Top quality, carefully crafted in a classic way, lightly roasted over charcoal. The teas produced on Alishan (Ali mountain as it is called by the indigenous people) belong to the older and better known Gaoshancha.
Flowery lightness, mineral and spicy. The character of the tea is completed with fruity-sweet aromas through a light roast.
High Mountain Tea Gao Shan Cha
This tea was produced in a relatively green manner, but sufficienty oxidised and then roasted, it can thus be kept at room temperature and even be aged.
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