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Lao Cong Zheng Shan

Harvest: June 2016
Origin: China / Fujian / Wuyishan / Xingcun / Tongmuguan
Height: 1200-1400 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Qi Zhong (über 100jährige Teebüsche)
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The classic Chinese smoked tea, a genuine Zhengshan Xiaozhong, from its original place of crafting, Tongmuguan. This tea has been produced by Liang Jun De from the valley of Tongmuguan.

It is made from old tea plants (approximately 100 years old), produced as a whole leaf black tea of great quality, delicately smoked over a pine wood fire. Very balanced and aromatic, the smoky notes keep subtly in the background, strengthening the character of the tea. The name Laocong Zhengshan refers to the old tea bushes.
A tea sweet and light, flowery and tenderly smoked. A delicious pleasure.
Yan Xiao Zhong (Rauchtee)
This tea has been fully oxidized and can thus be kept at room temperature.
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