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Hong Yu Hong Cha

Harvest: June 2017
Origin: Taiwan / Nantou / Mingjian
Height: 300 m.a.s.l
Tea plant varietal: Tai Cha 18 Hao
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A very beautiful black tea made from a cross-bred tea varietal: wild Taiwanese tea bushes and Burmese Assamica tea plants (Chinese Da Ye Zhong). This varietal was cultivated in the first half of the 20th century by the Japanese during the time of their occupation of Taiwan in order to compete with the black teas from British-India. This new varietal bread from an Oolong tea varietal and an Assam varietal is part of the black teas made of oolong tea plants. Additionally to the notes of an Oolong tea as well as those of a Ceylon/Assam this Hongyu Hongcha has very pleasant aromatic cinnamon and mint notes. Originally this tea is grown on the shores of sun moon lake (Ri Yue Tan), where the plants planted by the Japanese grow. Our Hongyu Hongcha grows in Mingjian, where a few years ago the new varietal was planted.
A powerful cloak enlaces a tender fruit. Creamy full of relish and tart in a noble way, an enchanting and captivating tea.
Black Teas of Oolong Varietals
This tea has been fully oxidized and can thus be kept at room temperature.
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