Da Hong Pao, Tie Luo Han, Bai Ji Guan, Shui Jin Gui

These four varieties are collectively known as Si Da Ming Cong (Four Great Famous Tea Bushes). These are the original tea bushes from Wuyishan, and are only grown in Wuyi; but nowadays they are becoming increasingly rare as they are not easily processed and don't yield as much as modern varieties.
Da Hong Pao is a name for a certain type of tea, but strictly speaking not a tea variety but there are numerous Wuyi Rock teas sold under that name. The genuine Da Hong Pao is produced from three varietals that have been obtained through vegetative reproduction (i.e. through cutting) from the original tea bushes from which the Da Hong Pao was produced. These varietals are Bei Dou (the "Big dipper" asterism), Que She ("sparrow tongue") and Qi Dan ("Peculiar vermilion").