Qing Xin Wu Long, Ruan Zhi Wu Long

Qing Xin (green/clear heart) also known as Ruan Zhi (soft branch) Oolong is one of the most commonly used varietals in Taiwan. It probably originates from Anxi, but possibly also from Wuyishan or Jianyang; in any case, it's from the province of Fujian, from where it has disappeared. It has probably been brought to Taiwan some when between 1850 and 1900.

Many Taiwanese Oolongs are made from this varietal, such as High Mountain Tea, Dong Ding, Bao Zhong, Oriental Beauty. It is also grown in Thailand and since recently on Jingmaishan (Yunnan) for teas of the taiwanese type (Chiang Rai Gui Fei, Gan On, Yunnan High Mountain und Yunnan Beauty).