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Immerse yourself in the scents and flavours of our delicious teas. Taste, smell, explore and enjoy our wonderful oolongs, our exquisite white teas and the stunning variety of our black and green teas.

Länggass-Tee is a family-owned business. For over 20 years we have been selling teas in our tea shop at the Länggassstrasse 47 in Bern, Switzerland, and also over the internet. For our international customers we recently decided to create an English version of our website.

We, Katrin & Gerhard Lange, started this business together with a lot of enthusiasm. Over the years, our competence in trade and our love and enthusiasm grew to a passion until tea became the center of our lives.

The more we immersed ourselves in ancient Asian tea cultures, the more we recognized that tea is a livelong challenge. Today, we have a healthy network of growers and traders, as well as in-depth knowledge acummulated over the years, and before us an interesting future and always more to learn.

Through our travels to China, Japan and Taiwan we managed to build personal contacts to tea farmers, tea masters and tea sellers, which are essential for our efforts to find classic and rare high-quality teas at a reasonable price. The most famous teas that have been revered for centuries are exceedingly rare and, contrary to promises made by local businesses or internet sites, can only be found in a few specialised businesses worldwide.

Despite their attractiveness, these classic rarities form only a minor part of the teas we sell in our shop. The major – and in fact the business-relevant – part consists of fine to excellent quality everyday teas, herbal teas from Aries, high-quality honey, as well as tea implements. This variety has led to a natural expansion of our team to currently seven members, and business relations solidified into friendships.

In 2006 our eldest son Kaspar has opened a new dimension to our business with his linguistic skills in Chinese. He is our expert for tea rarieties and attends together with Gerhard Lange the new rarities shop.

2009 the secondeldest son Lukas joined Länggass-Tee, he works on the new collection "Sélection Grand Hotel" and assists Katrin Lange in attending gastronomy and major clients.

The third son Moritz Lange attends the new warehouse at Länggasstrasse 7.

Sebastian Lange, the youngest son, works completely in the office.

Another important aspect is the TeeRaum (TeeRoom) on the first floor of our shop. This is the perfect place to try our teas in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Should you ever travel to Bern, take a well-earned break to sample and enjoy our rare teas there.

Katrin, Gerhard, Kaspar, Lukas, Moritz & Sebastian Lange & colleagues

(translated by Sarah Schuppli-Saegesser)